Hyper change theory


Theoretical physics is a branch of physics that employs mathematical models and abstractions of physical objects and systems to rationalize, explain and predict natural phenomena. This is in contrast to experimental physics, which uses experimental tools to probe these phenomena. Hyper change theory also known as hyper physics is about whacking events of time history and how the physic rules are affected.

This theory is discussing big amounts of time, energy and mass that makes a new vision for physics to specify effective time events that belong creation of the universe, transforms and big loops of space-time.

New partitioning for time history and future is declared that changes assumptions of creation like big-bang theory and explains gravity and blockholes cause.

Some base rules and conditions of physic is improved and they are proven in new ways. New rules and units have been proved for time, energy, dark energy and etc. Important conclusions about math are reached that helps for solving impossible states of physical calculations such as calculating infinitive values.

Some of the quantum physic rules that was rejected experimentally in laboratories are proven by mathematical logic too. Such as Einstein's theory for stability of light velocity, its changeability is proven by the mathematical logic that follows conclusions like: "range of light velocity change by how much space-time reaches to borders".

Also, hyper change theory can answer many unsolved questions such: "Is there any end to the time? If yes, why and what will happen."

Hyper change theory explains where do gravity and dense matter of big bang come from.

In this article some of rule, term and unit definitions are not what you expected and learned before, For example, We declare a new definition for dimension in this article and you should not know that as what you knew before. Understanding and proving the theories in this article are easy and they are proven using observations, math and logic.



  • `F`: A very big unit for measurement of time
  • `E`: The energy we can observe and touch, it's called white energy in this theory.
  • `m_{v}`: Energy amount in a type of white energy (matter).
  • `bar E`: The energy we could not affect it, its stored in blackholes, it's called black energy in this theory.
  • `m_{k}`: Energy amount in a type of black energy, The matter we could not affect it, its stored in blackholes (A type of black energy `bar E`). This is known as dense matter in this theory.

Rules and conditions

  • Rule 1: There is no actual constant value when the time is passing in reality.
  • Rule 2: There is not infinitive value in reality, `F` is the biggest unit of time and infinitive values are declaring by time and the biggest values can be declared is a coefficient of `F`. So the biggest value is `n c F` and `n < F`. The sign `∞`, used in this article is for showing the biggest value can occur during the time.

Theoretical concepts


  • Creation: Everything that exists is created. There are Agent and Goal for all creations.
  • Engaging agent: The Engaging agent is an agent that has played a direct role in creation.
  • Master goal: The goal that is agent and goal. Creation due to Master goal is automated. This term will be discussed more in the following.
  • Rule: Any creation creates rules. This rules are dominant in their creation body and cannot affect another creations bodies.
  • Body: A body contains all of its rules.
  • Dimension: A dimension contains all of its bodies. This term will be discussed more in the following.
  • Structure: A structure contains all of its dimensions and it's used only for classification of information and base definitions.

The Order of creation of a rule is from the structure to dimension and then body and finally the rule in the body. Of course, the structure cannot be built, With the creation of dimensions, created dimensions will place into their structures, In other words, A structure is a theoretical division and a theory definition for the set of objects.

Dimensions are the base of creations and a place to let physics activities occur.

Null dimension

Null means there is not any box and value yet. Simply means there is nothing. Null dimension only has one body and its body has one rule. This rule is also called as lawlessness rule. Means it cannot affect and be affected. This rule is due to a fact that this dimension is ignored in others and others are held against this neglect. All of the structures have this dimension.

The creation of null dimension is dependent on nothing. There is no agent and goal needed for the creation of nothing. Null is created as default in every structure. In Different Structures, different null dimensions can be formed. A structure can have several null dimensions, But all of them have the same properties and are considered just one dimension in a structure.

The cause of the creation of dimensions

Dimensions only appear when they are going to explain and show their parent dimensions situations.

Only null dimension can be created without an agent. 

Existence dimension

This dimension is created to explain its father, Null. Nothing is meaningful unless there is something, In fact without existence, null (nothing) has no sense. Existences' other name is space.

The body of the place

This body is formed in the existence dimension. It's created to explain box and its coordination. The whole of the space is regular. The most regular place and vector is something round and blob because of the equal distance distribution (A rule of this body). This body has so many features that will be raised later.

Value dimension

Value dimension is created after existence to explain its parent. So existence has a measure and a size and is not infinitive. Its impossible to declare a size that is not a size (infinity) and has values with the size of the infinitive. value dimension is also called as energy. Measure (size) is the body of this dimension, When we are talking about the measure, We are talking about changings too, because a size only appears when it's changing from 0 to specific size. I assume that a change is occurring. this change will be done suddenly with a velocity of infinitive and as I said there is no infinitive value; So we need a rule to slow down and sort changings to comply regular system. This rule is something like time. Time is a rule of measure and size body.

Before this, there was no time and there was not any delay and sort for creations of dimensions. Time is the manager of values to prevent infinitive and constant values and sort events. Time has a start and a finish. I will discuss times' start and finish. times' finish is a restart to change some of the bodies in some of the dimensions.

Regular rule

Through regular rule there is no any infinitive values and the biggest value is based on the smallest value and time.

Introduction to loops

Hyper change theory divides all of the time to 5 parts from beginning to the end. every one part is one section and every 5 section is one `1F` and `2F` is a single loop of time. In other words, we have 2 half-loop of time and the value of one half-loop is `1F`.


There is just 5 section in a half-loop of time. A loop starts from section 0 to section 4 and again starts moving from sec 4 to sec 0. Section 1 and 3 are the biggest amounts in one half-loop and their amounts are equal to `1/2F` these sections are called odd sections. So they are used to show how many time is needed to occur base and important events and other sections. Section 0, 2 and 4 (even sections) have the lowest amounts in a half loop and their value evaluates to `varepsilon`. So they are used to specify important events.

Simultaneous with value dimension forming. Whole of existence is filled with value inside it. When changings start with time. this value is going to be contracted to the center of existence (bang point). This is first half-loop and takes `1F` this half-loop is called black space. After that, value goes to fill existence again and get touched to start border. it takes `1F` too and is called white space.


Start point

Section zero is where the big-bang starts, in this section we have the details below:

  • `t = 0`
  • `E  = ∞`
  • `m_{v} = ∞`
  • `bar E = 0`
  • `m_{k} = 0`

End point

Section four is where spreading of white energy in the space finishes, in this section we have the details below:

  • `t = F`
  • `E = 0`
  • `m_{v} = 0`
  • `bar E = ∞`
  • `m_{k} = ∞`

As you see `m_{v}` is converting to `m_{k}` through a half loop and energy is changing its nature. For example, Changing a star to a blackhole in the space. Indeed the whole of white energy is changing to the black one in a `F` amount of time and one half-loop completes. I call this half-loop, white space.

After this conversions, it's time to getting back. Now end point is another start point. We assume that another half-loop is started and it's start point has the white spaces' end point details. It's condensing time and whole of `m_{k}` will convert to `m_{v}` in one `F`. The black energy will convert to white one during condensing and converted white energy will go to start point (big-bang point), I call this half-loop, black space. The black spaces' details are same as white spaces' details too.

Sections amount chart

At section 2 in both half-loops the amount of `m_{k}` is equal to `m_{v}` and this means the amount of `m_{v}` is finished.

`m_{v} - m_{k} = 0 rarr E - bar E = 0`

 Due to conversion of these energies, we could say:

`m_{v} = c  m_{k} rarr E = c bar E`

In white space the yellow color in the chart is `m_{v}` and blue color is `m_{k}`. So `c` as a variable in the above formula in the section 1 is `c > 1` in the section 2 is `c = 1` and in the section 3 is `c < 1`. Opposit of this things is valid for black space too. This variable is time dependent.

Based on this theory loops are repeading. 

This document has not been completed yet and is being edited.

Hyper change theory - 2018 Mar 06